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Love for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

Wauw. You know that feeling that you almost want to cry because you think something is so beautiful? That you feel butterflies in your tummy and you want to smile all the time? The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gives me that exact feeling, over and over, year after year. 

The Victoria's Secret Show is a show I must see every year. And so I did last night. ​It keeps surprising me how many models are on stage during the big finale. How many models put their effort in doing this, with so much joy and happiness. And that makes me happy! Well done Angels.

I've walked a tiny catwalkshow by myself once, but even that was so much fun! Can you imagine how those Angels must feel themselves? You can read their proud and luck off their faces while they are walking down that catwalk. And that is what attracks me so much on this show. The spontaneity, the fun, the joy! That's what makes this show so spectacular in my opinion. And of course the artists and the impressive outfits. Or better said, the total package.

One of my biggest dreams is to be present at one of the Victoria's Secret Shows. But unfortunately, that's not going to happen, I guess. A ticket costs more dan 14.000 dollars. Not so lucky me. But, my desire to be rich is even bigger now so let's start with that! 

Keep up the good work Angels, I'm in love with you.

Love and kisses,