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Roadtripping through beautiful Spain

With my awesome boyfriend

Hola amigas y amigos, como estas? I am still having the best time of my life here in Spain. Especially because I've been on so many adventures the last few weeks. Since my last blog post some things have changed around here. Not especially here in Spain, but in my life. You wonder what? Well, I managed to get a job in the fashion industry! Imagine how happy this fashionista is with that fact. From now on I write not only my personal blogs and the ones for Studiejunkies; but also product texts, store- and brand texts, and (of course) blogs for Who knows where all this is going to take me?!

The most spectacular thing from last month is definitely the roadtrip that my boyfriend and I have made. My boyfriend arrived two weeks ago and I was so happy! (and I still am of course.) That same day we arranged a rental car and our adventure began. We drove back to Vic by a beautiful route close to the sea and we made a stop on the beach of Canet el Mar, the first beautiful place my boyfriend was about to see in this beautiful country. Of course, I've shown him every little, gorgeous place around here during his stay.

And so the roadtrips begins ...

On Thursday, the day after my boyfriend's arrival, we had a seat together and created a three day-route through different mountain villages and coast sides. We would start this route on Saturday, so first we went to the waterfall 'La Foradada' in Cantonigrós on Friday. OMG WAUW. This waterfall is hidden between gigantic rocks which makes it even more beautiful. The way to get there was adventurous as you can imagine. We had to climb the whole way down without breaking our bones, which was an experience itself. But after all, we made it and it was definitely worth it.

La Foradada - Cantonigros, Barcelona, Spain

On Saturday, our roadtrip officially began! Day 1. By the most dangerous (but at the same time the most beautiful) roads, we went off to our first stop: Tavertet. A little mountain village between rocks as high as the Grand Canyon. After that, we continued our trip to Olot, a very cozy and beautiful city center somewhere else between mountains, of course. Third stop: Figuerès. Indeed, that place where the famous artist Dali is born. Our first impression of Figuerès was not that good, to be honest. It looked like a really neglected neighbourhood, but luckily, after some walking, we found the 'plaza major' and we enjoyed a delicious Ice Coffee. Conclusion: in the end, we could appreciate the place. Our next stop would be Roses, a beautiful place at the Costa Brava. We felt in love with this place and we are even considering to live there in a few years. Not a problem if you ask me! From there on we went to Cadaques, an even more beautiful place because it's located in a bay. Yeah, in it. Can you imagine? Our final stop of our roadtrip day 1 would be at our Airbnb, nearby El Peralada; a home-made clay house which was located somewhere in the middle of vineyards and horses who lived in caravans, for real. It was a very special experience and we loved it!

Tavertet - Barcelona, Spain
Roses - Girona, Spain
Cadaques - Girona, Spain

Roadtrip day 2. Unfortunately, we had to leave our AirBnb but another exciting day was about to start. So it wasn't that much of a problem. Today we would go to Andorra, with a couple of stops in Ripoll and Sau d'Urgell to have some breaks. We all need food and icecream, right? Finally arrived in Andorra, we managed to find our way to Naturlandia. A playground where you can enter the biggest toboggan from Europe. How exciting! It took such a long time to go up the mountain with the cable lift, but it was fun though. After our stop in Andorra it was time to go back to Vic, where we were planning to have the most comfortable night of sleep ever. After all, we needed some rest from our wild adventures, si?

Ripoll - Girona, Spain

On monday, we tried to take it easy and let everything go with the flow. Guess what? We went to another place to admire the beautiful nature of Spain; the Sau-Reservoir. This place is actually an old village that's filled with water. Why? I really don't have a clue. But, you can still see the top of the church (coming out of the water) so it's a very funny thing to see. Besides that, the environment is very beautiful again, of course. So why not visit this little place?

Sau-Reservoir, Panta de Sau - Barcelona, Spain

Then, the continuation of our roadtrip, that all of a sudden changed into a coast-trip. At least, that was on the schedule. But it turned out a little bit different. Apparently, we couldn't get enough of this whole mountain thingy. So, on Tuesday, we jumped into our car to visit Montserrat; a pilgrimage in between even bigger mountains as we had seen before! It was very impressive to see all the religious habits and activities that still live there. It was also a kind of funny though because my boyfriend is extremely afraid of heights. Uhu, not very convenient in a place like Montserrat. Still, he enjoyed it a lot. Although, just for your information: they charge a lot if you want some strawberries with cream! Must be one of the most expensive strawberries we ever had for lunch.

Montserrat, Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain

Then, the end of our breathtaking roadtrip was there. We had an amazing time and we had seen so many beautiful places in such a short time! We're both really thankful for that. The last few days we've spent our time here in Vic, going on some different romantic dates, DUH. Tommorow we'll leave to Barcelona to enjoy our final weekend together and then it's time for my boyfriend to fly back to Sweden again. But don't worry, in a few months we'll be reunited, this time forever! That's a happy thought.


PS: we're working on a video that resumes our roadtrip. Curious? Keep following this blog and my Instagram!

Lots of love,

Lisa (and a little bit of Marvin)

Lisa Theunissen & Marvin Molijn