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And so the adventure begins

Exactly one year ago, at this day, I heard the news that I was hired as a production assistant for Tilburg Fashion. A new adventure. And now, one year later, a whole new adventure is about to start. Going to Spain for my minor abroad. I'll leave tommorow in the afternoon and I'm so excited!

I must admit that the moment of awareness came yesterday. Yeah, that's right. Yesterday. After knowing it for months. I've been travelling to Sweden and Denmark with my boyfriend and I came back last Monday so I still wasn't in the "I'm almost going to Spain"-mode. But now I am! Finally!

My suitcases are packed, all the preparations are arranged and I kissed (almost) everyone 'Goodbye'.

Yesterday I realised that I'm actually leaving so much behind. My home, my family, my cute little dog, my friends. But above all, me. Maybe it sounds weird but think about it. When you're leaving your home, you're not only going to miss the people you love but also the person you are now. At this very moment, at this time and this place. Because you will never be the same ever again. Nevertheless, it's not that bad to become another person. At least, when you become a better person. And that's where this journey about going abroad is all about. Experiencing something new and being excited about the new you and about what's to come in the future. 

Wish me luck and I keep you posted. 

Lots of love,