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Ibiza. They call it Paradise Island.

They call it Paradise Island with a reason.

Ibiza. In love with Ibiza. For sure. It's with a reason that they call it Paradise Island. It's filled and surrounded with beauty, ambiance and love. Two days ago me and my friends arrived back in Vic and God, we miss Ibiza already. Laying at the beach in the afternoon to take a beauty nap, cool down in the swimming pool and having diner at the Sunset Strip. What a dream life we have!

Our trip started a week ago, on Wednesday evening. Around 8.30 PM we left to the train that would bring us to the airport of Barcelona, where we would spend the night. Our plane would leave around 6.30 AM so we thought it would be a good idea to just 'sleep' at the airport. At the hard, cold floor. Yup, not the best idea ever. We didn't get that much sleep. Mostly because of the fact that the staff would literally shout every hour that you should watch your belongings. But really early in the morning we didn't even bother that much because we were going to Ibiza! After some breakfast and a 40-minutes flight, we arrived on Paradise Island! We took the bus to San Antonio, the bay where we would stay in Apartamentos Poniente Playa. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone! It was still morning so we decided to go find a place to have real breakfast and we found our favorite spot (already). A cosy restaurant with the best club sandwiches, smoothies, milkshakes and crêpes of the whole island! Afterwards, we went to the swimming pool that belongs to the apartment to get some hours of decent sleep. And of course we went out for diner in the evening. We thought that would be a good idea to do on our first evening at beautiful Ibiza. Including sunset! 

On Friday, we looked for a beach. Which we found, close to the boulevard and the beautiful perfect harbor. After some relaxing hours, we went home to build our own delicious burgers. Yammie!

Saturday was going to be the highlighter of our vacation because we planned to rent some scooters. Hell yeah! This day was a-ma-zing. Seriously, I think this was one of the best days of my life so far. We drove to different bays, through different mountain ways with the best views you can imagine. After this satisfying day, with a lot of coffee, drinks and lunch breaks, we went out to experience the night life of Ibiza. Unfortunately, there weren't that many clubs that were already opened because it's only April, but eventually we found a club named 'La Noche' that was fun to spend our night.

Sunday. That was our chill-day at the swimming pool, with of course a lunch break at our favorite restaurant. On Monday we went to Ibiza City, the old city of Ibiza. It was gorgeous! And a good place to go shopping of course. Afterwards, we spent some more hours at the swimming pool before we got ourselves ready for our 'closing' diner at the Sunset Strip. It was delicious again! And so romantic. No, just kidding. On Tuesday we had to leave the apartment but we still got the whole day left before we needed to go back to the airport, and back to Vic. So what better to do than spend your last day at the beach and get sun burnt? 

It was an amazing holiday and I'm still enjoying it. Best thing is still to come; after movie is coming up! That means that these beautiful memories will last forever, for sure. 

PS: Follow my Instagram to see more pictures about my breathtaking trip to Ibiza!

Lots of love, 


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