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Temps de Flors en Girona

Flower Festival in Girona, Spain

Temps de Flors is an annual happening in Girona with the most beautiful flower art troughout the whole city.

Previous weekend, together with some friends, we went to Girona to admire the beautiful Flower Festival. Of course, we didn't exactly know what to expect but we were curious to find out. And it was gorgeous! Throughout the whole city, literally in every little alley and hidden building, there was some flower art. In different colours, shapes and stories. It was amazing to see what all kind of beautiful things people can create with just flowers. And I know, flowers are already pretty from themselves, but still. It was amazing and it was definitely one of the best days here in Spain so far. I still have a few weeks left in beautiful (and warm) Spain, but it's almost countdown time. Again. Time goes by so soon. But don't panic. The next holiday is already looking around the corner; Gran Canaria!

Flower Festival in Girona, Spain Lisa Theunissen

But first, Girona .. 

We started the day by queing in line for the bus in Vic. After some time we arrived in Girona and we found a nice cosy terrace outside to have lunch. With burgers and patatas bravas! Then we started walking through the city to admire all the beautiful flower creations. Girona is also well-known for her bridges, and even they were decorated in happy colours! There were even some little markets, so much fun!

Temps de Flors en Girona Lisa Theunissen

At the first flower stop, it was already time to take some pictures. Duh. We're girls. Who run the world? Exactly. We experienced so much joy during this photo session already and the day was just starting! It could only get much better. Luckily, the sun was shining as well! Imagine there is no sun on your pictures. It ruins everything. E-very-thing.

Temps de Flors en Girona Lisa Theunissen

While we continued our touristic route, looking for more flowers, we walked past by the Cathedral of Girona. Yeah, that hell of a famous Cathedral from Games of Thrones. You should have seen this beautiful Cathedral at least once in your life. Normally, it's already a really inspiring building to see, but that day, the stairs were decorated with all kind of funny mirrors. Those mirrors that can make you look so damn ugly. You know what I'm talking about. So, more pictures!

Cathedral of Girona Game of Thrones Lisa Theunissen

Next, ice cream. 

We finished the day with ice cream. Why should it be any different this time? Well, it was probably the longest queue I've ever been waiting in for ice cream. In my entire life. But it was worth it. So worth it that I can't even remember the name of the shop anymore. Whoops, so sorry. Especially for this occasion, they had some special flower ice cream. Try it! So delicious. Owh, and you could choose your favorite toppings including chocolate brownies, pink sprinkles and marshmallows. Yummie. Well, you can imagine how happy this ice cream-lover was at that moment. You can't? Let me help you a little then. My face in the picture below is worth a thousand words, right? It says enough.

Ice cream Lisa Theunissen

After an exhausting day, all these little princesses fell asleep right away in the bus back to Vic. What a beautiful day it was! Memories last forever, luckily.

Lots of love,