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Lisa Theunissen: Allround Marketing Manager (& Multipotentialist) at your service!

Since 02-02-2020 I am officially an entrepreneur. My own company was registered at this beautiful date. So Lisa Theunissen: Allround Marketing Manager, at your service! This includes project- and event manager, content creator, hostess, inspirator, coach and many other things I could help you out with.

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In addition, I would like to mention that I can be considered a true 'multi-potentialist'. Meaning that I have a lot of interests and creative activities going on (see my Instagram-post about this). Therefore I would like to emphasize that you can reach out to me with any request you might think of. Within appropriate bounderies of course..

As I have not been focusing on content creation for a while, these are the things that did take much of my time and energy. They all have lead to this moment and consciousness in my life.

1) Writing my master thesis about sustainable fashion and how second-hand fashion could contribute to a more sustainable environment. Fashion and sustainability were always topics considered highly important in my mind and this master thesis lead to an even bigger consciousness on how I as an individual want to contribute to this. That lead to the following..

2) Sustainability. I aim to be an inspirator in this matter for many. Writing content could contribute to that. Right now, I am kind of working on a Conscious Closet Inspiration Guide, inspired by Elizabeth L. Cline. My interest is especially in collaborating with beautiful, sustainable and inspiring initiatives that offer a stage for writers like me and additionally reach out to and inspire a big audience. This has brought me too..

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3) MUMSTER Productions (i.e. Chanel Trapman). This is one of the beautiful initiatives that provides a platform for sustainable fashion brands and truly supports and activates the fair fashion movement.

4) Exploring. I love to travel. But not just travel, I love to explore. Many of my time has been occupied lately with thinking about how I could combine all my different interests and passions in life. First of all, I want to be free. Freedom is for me the most important thing to achieve my main purpose in life: ultimate happiness. Vida Feliz. My 'new' life as entrepreneur already immensively contributes to that. Having my own business hands me the freedom to combine work and travelling and, explore while doing so. With exploring I mean that I want to continuously keep looking for new opportunities. Opportunities that really contribute to my true happiness. Personal challenges, but also things that actually contribute to the greater good: making the world a better place. My motivation and passion is extremely high. In line with that, I consider becoming a happiness coach. I figured that my journey to true happiness can inspire and help other people to follow their journey too. With my background in marketing management, networking skills, a high level of positive energy and first hand experience on how to be happy, I believe that I could give a lot of people that little help that they need in order to find their true happiness as well.

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To summarize all this, one of new my life mottos is: Young, Strong & Conscious.

Do you see a way of how to fit into this picture of my life? Please say hi and let me know. Looking forward to it. Obviously, I will find a way to reach out to you as well if that is how it's supposed to be.

Conscious regards,