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Your (Chibuntu) Life in Perfect Harmony

A minimalistic bracelet personalized and customized by you.

My new musthave from Chibuntu.

Very recently I discovered a new brand with a fashionable new musthave: Chibuntu. This brand has a beautiful message she wants to spread. Namely: “Motivate Yourself & Inspire Others”. Can I get an Amen to that, please? This brand creates bracelets which can be customized by you. So how does it work? You pick a bracelet and chooses your own inspiration word and coloured straps. These straps can be worn together or separately, and can be combined with all your other accessoires.

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My inspiration word is Harmony. Why? I believe that literally everything in the world should be in harmony to work out. Think about it. You, yourself, should be in harmony to be truly happy. You should be in harmony with the people around you to prevent fights. Imagine that there would be no wars. Just because everyone is in harmony with each other. You should be in harmony with the things you want to achieve in life to be able to actually fight for them. That's why harmony says it all for me.

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I can imagine you want to see some more examples of these beautiful minimalistic bracelets. That's why you should have a look on this website of Chibuntu for sure! And things are getting even better. When you order your bracelet now, you will receive a 10% discount and free access to exclusive new items. Still not done yet. The best has still to come! It's almost Valentine's Day and therefore Chibuntu offers you a Valentine package deal for you and your lover. Inspiration for both her and him. Shop it here!

That every single one of you may get inspired by Chibuntu, just as I am.

Lots of love,