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Book me as your personal Brand Builder!

My time as freelancer has started.

My name is Lisa, content creator and event manager. Nice to meet you!

To be absolutely clear; I DO NOT want to be an influencer. I just really want to cooperate with inspiring brands and combine the best of both powers. That, I really want.

As can be read on my website, I've already cooperated with a lot of brand and organizations. Mostly in the fashion and creative industries, which I passionate the most. Not only I have contributed as a content creator or event manager, but also as a hostess and/or sales woman. The fun thing about what I do is that I like it all! My strength is that I am really diverse in my work and that I all love it. I can be considered a so-called multipotentialist.

From now on, I'd really like to get in touch with more and more brands that want to work with me. The hardest thing about this is creating awareness of yourself. Awareness of you, in this enormous world full of other talented writers and organizers. And of course, influencers. Which I'm definitely not and don't want to be either. 

In the past few years I've learnt that networking is the key to success. And so far, it is to me. So, do you want to add yourself to my network as well and become partners? Please, I'd be honoured to show you my power!

Lots of love,