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Valentine's Special

Lots of love and gratitude

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Today is a special day and a perfect opportunity to realize how lucky we are. How grateful we may be with our lives. At least I am very grateful. Don't know about you of course but I think you should be grateful and be more aware of that. Everything can be seen in perspective. And in my perspective, there are many people who have less luck in life than I, and probably you, have. 

Exactly one year ago I just moved to Spain and still I received the cutest Valentine's gift ever from my boyfriend. Who didn't even know what my exact address was. I didn't even know?! This year it's our third Valentine's Day but the first time that we're together, in our own house. Time flies when you're having fun. Something to be grateful for. 

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This year there is something new I am grateful for: my internship at REZA Est. 1988. As I'm graduating at the moment, I'm doing an intership as well. REZA Est. 1988 is a luxury menswear fashion brand with stores in 's-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands and Nantes, France. Maybe even in Italy soon? My main job within this brand is to maintain parts of the social media channels and write (blog) content for the website. Something I love to do! This internship is perfect for me. And I have such nice colleagues and such a nice working space. The overall atmosphere is great. Something to be grateful for. Who knows what I'll be doing after my graduation... 

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Now go on and celebrate this beautiful Valentine's Day with all your loved ones! 

Big kisses, 


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