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Meanwhile in The Netherlands

A quick resume of my summer

Dear friends, it's been a while. I'm so sorry for that. But let me explain! Since my last blog a lot new things have happened again. I mentioned my trip to Gran Canaria in my previous blog post. That already seems like ages ago! And it kind of is. After Gran Canaria my Spanish adventure came to an end. Or not? After two weeks in The Netherlands, reunited with friends and family, I returned to beautiful Spain. This time to l'Albir in the south of Spain. It's even hotter there! We knew that so we (my family and I) were prepared. We booked an appartement with private pool and airconditioning. Owh hallelujah yeah! Our stay lasted for three weeks and we had an amazing time together. 

So, back in The Netherlands.

Si, back in The Netherlands. For good this time. After some days / weeks (I can't even remember) my "normal" life started again. Finally! By the time I'm writing this blog my life still isn't as normal as I hoped for. But I'm a very patient person. Since august this year I started working at my home university, Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, as a student assistant. It's so cool to meet up and work with all the people you haven't seen for a year! I moved into a house with my beloved boyfriend in a city we really adore, and I've played "Mom" of some new students during the introduction week of Fontys ACI. What. A. Nightmare. No, just kidding. Could be worse. I guess. In the meanwhile my study also started again. I'm a senior now, wooh! Owh and I bought a scooter because I'm such a spoiled princess. 

I guess that now you know everything I haven't told you earlier about. 

Bye bye! 

By the way; a new, very exciting project is coming up. Curious? Keep following! 

Lots of love,