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    Graduated in

    MSc. Marketing Management @ Tilburg University

    BBA. International Event, Music and Entertainment Studies (IEMES)

    @ Fontys Academy for Creative Industries 


    Minor Exchange Studente; Business & Communication

    @ Universitat de Vic, Spain


    Certified Coach @ The Coaching Masters


    Mediation Skills in the Workplace @ Merlijn Group


    Dutch (native language)
    English (master)
    Spanish (advanced)
    German (advanced)
    French (basic)
  • Recommendations

    "It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Lisa. Lisa is an exceptionally talented coordinator who leads our team of hostesses with enthusiasm and professionalism. Her ability to do this in a structured and calm way is admirable.
    One of Lisa's most striking qualities is her ability to radiate calm, even in the most demanding and hectic situations. This is an invaluable trait in the events industry, where stress and pressure often prevail. Her ability to remain calm and maintain a sense of control has contributed to the success of our events time and time again.
    Lisa's experience and expertise in this area are clearly evident in her work. She knows the ins and outs of event planning and coordination and how to manage every detail.
    In addition to her professional skills, Lisa is also an extremely friendly and collaborative colleague. She is always willing to help others and shares her knowledge, which improves the overall atmosphere in our team.
    All in all, Lisa is a valuable member of our team and a nice person to work with. I highly recommend her for any coordination role in the events industry, and I am confident she will continue to achieve success in whatever she undertakes."

    ~ Miriam van Hout-Eijmberts (Project Manager NSTT No-Dig Event)




    "Lisa is a very enthusiastic and cheerful lady with great communicative skills. We know her as a person who keeps her appointments and she is always punctual.

    She knows what is expected of her and will always do more. Great pleasure working with Lisa!"

    ~ Petra Brouwer (Co-owner Target Hospitality & Knap Werk)




    "Lisa supported us during the Beauty Trade Festival in Utrecht. And we were very happy with her! Lisa 'blended' into our team as if she had always been there. Cheerful and enthusiastic she spoke to our customers with a drive as if it were her own products. Lisa has a natural way of addressing and informing people. Lisa was a very valuable addition for us during this fair."

    ~ Linda Rijk (Beautyleverancier.nl)




    "Lisa responded to one of my calls as I was looking for an intern on location (Groningen). However, she came up with the idea to help me on distance by writing a blog post. This made me feel enthusiastic and so I gave her the job. The job has been fulfilled exactly the way I wanted it and the blog post was approved without any modifications. Besides that, Lisa also came up with the idea to connect the blog post with a contest and so we did. It turned out to be a huge success! In short; Lisa is accurate, listens to her client and brings up appropriate initiatives which lead to a nice addition to the job!"

    ~ ESTHRZ




    "Lisa is the perfect person to be a chairman, or rather said, chairwoman. She is a well-known, appreciated and recommended person at Fontys ACI. She is a true workaholic, which can be shown by the many projects she managed to do. She is able to say her true opinion and appreciate other’s thoughts during various situations; from a 1-on-1 talk to though group situations. As a true leader, she has the right social skills, managerial skills and the network. In addition to that, she has a strong vision and mission which forms her to an ambitious woman with passion and dedication."

    ~ Marvin Molijn (Head of Marketing @ Handlefy)

    "I'm amazed by the quality of Lisa's work over and over again, well done Lisa. She has written a substantively- and textually beautiful and strong pitch for our Turfweide Veenendaal Foundation, with which we can now approach fundraisers well prepared. Lisa worked with us in a very pleasant manner. She was able to ask us the right questions at the right time. THANKS!"

    ~ Marcel Kaijen (Secretary Stichting De Turfweide)  




    "I met Lisa as a beautiful dancer in a musical production of BMT Productions. Now, I know that Lisa has so much more to offer. In addition to a busy job, she volunteers for BMT Productions. She coordinates the marketing team with a lot of enthusiasm. She has a positive, open and structured way of handling this. You immediately notice that she has a lot of experience in this area. A valuable force and a nice person to work with!"

    ~ Willemijn Fleskens (Baord member BMT Productions)



    "When I was looking for a Brand Ambassador for Studiejunkies, Lisa crossed my path. She was the one who came up with the idea to start a blog on the website and provided several ideas right away. I have met Lisa as a very creative and hardworking individual, who knows exactly what she wants and how to make it happen. She is a real go-getter who sees opportunities and catches them with both hands right away. Lisa's content is not only written with sincere passion but is also very inspiring. I would definitely recommend Lisa. Besides the given that she is a hard worker, she also brings huge amounts of enthusiasm to your business."

    ~ Kirsten van Oosterhout (Founder Studiejunkies)




    "We know Lisa as a social, hardworking and above all creative employee. All content created by her was written with a clear passion for fashion and creativity. She has provided our visitors the right information in a good and fun way. Lisa has proved to be creative, accurate and flexible. We would highly recommend Lisa as a fashion expert and content creator!"

    ~ Claudia Visser (Online Media Professional - Zwemkleding.nl)





    "Lisa is a dedicated student, a people person and has a very cheerful personality. She knows exactly what she wants en works very hard to reach her goals. Lisa knows what she wants and she is, what I’d like to call, an all-round student; interested and involved in a lot of different aspects of her studies. She follows through and keeps her professional goals in mind."

    ~ Dhanu Goes (Spanish teacher at Fontys - Academy for Creative Industries)





    "Lisa is a very dedicated projectmanager for Tilburg Fashion 2016. She is very vigorous and energetic and sees the connections between different areas. She can create partnerships and can give her opinion based on clear arguments. Her enthousiasm is catchy."

    ~ Linda van den Hout (Coordinator/Teacher Arts/Culture/Entertainment)




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    Management & Secretary support


    As Virtual Assistant I assist you with ...

    PA proceedings like e-mail and agenda management

    Content Creation & Copywriting

    Planning & Organization

    Customer Service

    Travel Planning

    Hospitality Management & Coaching


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    As MSc. Marketing Manager I assist you with ...

    Event- & Project Management

    Planning & Organization


    Social Skills

    Networking & Connecting

    Helicopter view


    Inspirational & motivational speaking


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    Marketing & communication


    As Allround Marketing Manager I assist you with ...

    Content Creation & Copywriting

    Event- & Project Management

    Brand Building

    Customer Service

    PR & Sales

    Public speaking

    Hospitality Management


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    As Hospitality Expert I assist you with ...

    Since 2015 I've been an ambassador of multiple (luxury) brands and events. As a considered Hospitality Expert I support you as Tophostess, Team Leader or Coach.


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  • Coaching

    Vida Feliz

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    Positive energy, that's what I believe in. Let only the positive vibes enter your life and your journey will be awesome. If you are a believer, which I am, you can reach anything if you just keep the faith and believe in yourself.


    The world has so much to offer. That's why I'm continually searching for new adventures, new experiences and new challenges all over the globe. I like to dare myself and feel proud afterwards. Everytime I achieve one of my goals, I get new, fresh energy to set up a new aim to surpass myself. So, discover the world and explore. I am an explorer and I am Grateful. Be inspired.


    This is also my motivation for becoming a Happiness Coach. I want to use my personal power and experiences to support any other dreamer to find (and follow) their own unique journey to their true happiness.


    All this also explains the design of my logo
    (and one of my tattoos);

    [CIRCLE (sun disc, sacred hoop, ring): an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, female power, and the sun.]


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